What nostalgic activity would you most like to preserve for your grandchildren?

What nostalgic activity would you most like to preserve for your grandchildren?

When we were children, summer wasn't summer without covering our clothes in grass stains, scraping our knees on trees and getting soaked on day trips to the beach. It was the time when we were care-free, school-free and couldn't bear to spend any more time indoors than to quickly wolf down tea to appease mum.

And now a recent study has shown that over two thirds of us are keen to pass down our favourite summer holiday antics to our young ones. The research from Groupon UK reveals 82 per cent of parents think it’s important to pass games and outdoor activities from their own childhoods on to future generations, with over two thirds (68 per cent) saying these are the types of games their children enjoy playing most. And we expect a lot of grannies and grandads will feel just the same too.

The reseach showed that the summer games and activities parents would most like to pass on to their children this summer are classic days out such as a day at the beach (69 per cent), a day at the zoo (64 per cent) and visiting a museum (60 per cent), along with time-honoured outdoor games such as playing Tag or It (40 per cent), Piggy in the middle (36 per cent) and Hopscotch (36 per cent).

Child psychologist Dr Richard Woolfson says: “Outdoor family activities provide a rich source of enjoyment for parents and children together and re-invigorate family relationships. The results of Groupon’s Big Days Out research confirm that parents recognise the psychological benefits and play value of outdoor summer activities, and have happy memories of these street games and outdoor activities from their own childhood. Summer is the ideal time for families to turn off their smartphones, lock up their iPads, and get outside. The small effort involved in arranging these outdoor activities will bring immediate psychological benefits for parents and children.”

So to celebrate the launch of Groupon’s Big Days Out campaign with the children’s charity Barnardo’s, the online marketplace has compiled the top 42 nostalgic activities that parents would most like to preserve for their children this summer. It also makes great inspiration for how to entertain the little ones if you're looking after them during the school summer hols:

  • Groupon UK is launching its Big Days Out campaign this August, where the company will promote a selected number of merchants who offer fantastic days out for all the family, from a day at the zoo to crazy golf. For every voucher sold, Groupon will donate £1 to the children’s charity, Barnardo’s. Visit www.groupon.co.uk/occasion/big-days-out for more information.