Watch children share the funniest reasons they're fussy eaters

Watch children share the funniest reasons they're fussy eaters

"This chicken is too chickeny" is among the reasons the children in a new chuckle-worthy experiment into fussy eating reveal they make a commotion at the dinner table.

Hosted by TV Paediatrician, Dr Ranj Singh, the health and nutrition company, Abbott, held a first of its kind test to show what happened when a bunch of fussy eaters (aged 4-6) were invited to lunch. And the results are all captured in an honest and funny fly-on-the-wall video.

How many of these comments sounds familiar to you?

Reflecting on the film, Dr. Ranj Singh says: “Not only did the experiment prove useful, and at times surprising even to myself, the children didn’t fail to amaze or amuse!  What really came through was that fussy eating isn’t always a ‘textbook’ problem, and the exact behaviour can be unique to each child. That’s why advice to parents and grandparents not only has to be broadly relevant, but also clear, simple and practical so that they can apply it in their own homes, no matter what the situation.”
Fussy eating habits affect more than eight in ten families across the UK. You can get advice and info on how to help the problem at and

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