84% of millennials are not confident in changing a lightbulb themselves

84% of millennials are not confident in changing a lightbulb themselves

We all know that young people these days are moving out of their family home a lot later than we did, with 26 per cent of millennials still living at home with their parents. And although this generation might be tech savvy knowing all the ins and outs of the latest apps, they’re not as clued up as the older generation when it comes to ‘handy’ tasks.

According to research carried out by Airtasker, household tasks and chores could be dying out as only a third of under 35’s know how to carry these tasks out. Instead of doing it themselves, they’re prepared to spend an average of £83.79 to have someone else do it for them.

One excuse for this could be down to the fact that the number of young adults living with their parents has gone from 2.7 million to 3.4 million in the past two decades meaning they are unlikely to ever need these skills until they move into a home of their own.


It is frightening to see how many millennials don’t feel confident carrying out many tasks in the home with just 15.66 per cent feeling confident enough to change a light bulb and 17.69 per cent confident with cleaning their car!

Furthermore, some of the most basic household tasks are at risk of dying out as less and less young people know how to carry out these jobs, with 51 per cent knowing how to bleed a radiator and just 35 per cent know how to make a white sauce.

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