How to make learning fun for your grandchildren

How to make learning fun for your grandchildren

TheSchoolRun’s Elena Dalrymple explains how your everyday routine is packed with opportunities to share your knowledge. Whether you occasionally do the school pick-up or you are the main homework helper, grandparents have a huge amount of numeracy, literacy and science expertise to offer – and you’ve probably been sharing it without even knowing it. Here are a few practical ways to put your skills to good use.

Preschool and nursery - under 5s

  • Alphabet book: With an empty scrapbook and a big stack of old magazines or catalogues help your grandchild make their own alphabet book. Draw a large letter in the centre of each page and ask them to surround it with images, cut from the magazines, of things starting with that letter. Perfect for improving their letter recognition skills.
  • Make a story bag: Put together a bag of objects for example: toys, a key, a box and an apple – to play a story-telling game. Take it in turns to take an object out of the bag and use it for inspiration for the next sentence in the story.
  • Scavenger hunt: Before a country walk, write a list of things to find while you’re outside. Get the children hunting for holly leaves, pine-cones and so on. Make it more challenging by being more specific, such as looking for cones bigger or smaller than their thumb.

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