Grandparents could earn £22k childcare salary over summer break

Grandparents could earn £22k childcare salary over summer break

Grafting grandparents would earn £22,043 over the summer holidays if they were paid a wage, according to a new study. The average grandparent puts in 600 hours of childcare over the six-week school break and the recent survey revealed it’s one of the toughest jobs for the over-50s.

Questioning 1,000 busy grandparents, the furniture specialist HSL Chairs study analysed the varied intensive roles they take over the holidays - from personal chef, to chauffeur to sports coach - confirming they are our hardest-working individuals.

The average UK’s grandparent’s typical role includes:

  • Personal Chef (baking and preparing meals) £29.04 per hour*
  • Private Tutor (revision, homework, educating, reading) £23.18 per hour
  • House & Grounds Keeper (tidying, cleaning, gardening) £10.01 per hour
  • Chauffeur (taking to and from play dates, activities) £18.64 per hour
  • Life Coach (listening to problems, breaking up arguments, keeping the peace) £102.13 per hour
  • Private Nurse (helping them wash and dress, giving medication, applying sun-cream) £19.88 per hour
  • Event manager (organising and attending trips to theme parks, nature walks, historical sites) £18.89 per hour
  • Sports coach (playing sports games, taking to lessons) £27.97 per hour
  • Creative Director (crafting, styling, role play) £43.65 per hour

*All average salaries taken from

The ultimate job satisfaction

Despite our grandparents admitting it can be tough, leaving them feeling emotionally drained (35 per cent) and even physically exhausted (57 per cent) at times, it appears to offer the ultimate job satisfaction.

More than a third (35 per cent) of grandparents named looking after their grandchildren as the most satisfying job of all, with almost 40 per cent recognising their grandchildren help them to stay fit and active and more than a quarter admitting they teach them new things.

Generous grandparenting

As well as being generous with their time, our grandparents are generous with their money too! A third of those questioned revealed they spend more than £100 on the little ones over the summer holiday period – with two per cent even spending more than £400!

With 85 per cent of grandparents admitting they look after the children simply out of their love for them, it shows that love can be much more powerful than money.

Invaluable help

Loose Women panellist and Birds of a Feather star, Linda Robson, spends a lot of time looking after her granddaughter, Lila (both pictured above), after relying on her own mother to help with childcare for her children when they were little.

“I honestly think that grandparents are invaluable," says Linda. "I couldn't have worked without my mum looking after my children when they were little, and I treasure my time with my granddaughter Lila. We have the best time together and have a special bond that will always be there. I love our time together."

Nine out of 10 of grandparents questioned in the survey confirmed that they were regularly thanked for their help and support – and that thanks is more than enough.