Fun with the family ideas for Christmas Day

Fun with the family ideas for Christmas Day

Christmas lunch has been polished off, the presents opened and mum and dad are beginning to snooze on the sofa. The grandchildren are still fizzing with the excitement of Santa's delivery and eager to stay busy. What can you do together to fill the time before bed? have come up with some festive family ideas that will keep you and the little ones entertained and happy all Christmas and Boxing Day.

Share your favourite childhood games

We all loved fun activities like the yo-yo and hula hoop when we were small and your grandchildren are likely to find them just as fascinating. And you may enjoy having a go on a game app on the tablet or trying out this year's latest gizmos.

Board games, like Cluedo, Monopoly or Scrabble, are trusted favourites that will go down well with all the generations too, along with a timeless game of charades.

Do some of the Christmas cooking together

This could become the start of a new family tradition and help give mum and dad a well-deserved hand. While parents prepare the main meal, you and the grandchildren can be the “chefs patissier” and prepare the dessert or one element of the main course. Just make sure the head chef is not too inconvenienced!

Put on a performance

For the more musical or theatrical (or if you just love a good sing-song), you could create, direct and perform a play or musical offering. You could do a simple play about Christmas, re-enact a favourite story or fairytale or even just sing a few carols to get everyone in the Christmas mood.

Make some Christmas crafts

Christmas is a great opportunity to get the arts and crafts kit out. See if Granddad wants to help to make some decorations or draw some festive scenes. If it is in the days running up to the main event, they could create some Christmas cards to be exchanged on the day.

Try out the new bike together!

If the weather’s fine, there’s nothing more fun than seeing youngsters try out their new bike, scooter or skateboard.  A nice brisk Christmas Day walk can also help everyone digest the big dinner and the change of scenery will help boost everyone's mood.

Complete a jigsaw puzzle

It's a classic activity that can keep everyone quiet for the whole afternoon.  Bring a few puzzles of different levels to the Christmas Day gathering and see what everyone can achieve when they put their heads together.

Get the photo album out

We all love a good old bit of reminiscing and grandchildren love to see gran in her younger daysso why not dig the old photographs out? As well as being a lot of fun, it's also educational and helps teach the grandchildren a bit about what life was like before they were born.

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