Do you still write and receive Christmas cards?

Do you still write and receive Christmas cards?

Would you feel offended to receive a Merry Christmas text message rather than a card? It seems the tradition of sending a Christmas card means an awful lot to us Brits, and in spite of emails, text messages and phone calls over taking the letter when you need to contact someone, research has shown that most people would still opt for sending a handwritten card to wish a loved one glad tidings, rather than sending a at this time of year.

Half of adults polled in the Oxfam study would be devastated to receive a festive communication over social media instead of a heartfelt Christmas card, with an overwhelming 83 per cent truly believing that more thought and feeling goes into the written word than a quick-fire text message or post, judging that digital greetings are too easy to send, lacking the thought and effort that a traditional hand-written card brings.

Fee Gilfeather, Head of Customer Experience at Oxfam said, "Electronic messages just can’t replace reading a handwritten message from a well-wisher, or the lovely decoration they bring when strung up at home.”


Two thirds of those polled admitted they would be offended to receive a Christmas text, festive photo, or seasonal status update from parents, siblings or a best friend. What’s more, almost one in ten have ‘defriended’ someone because they didn’t receive anything from them.

Many look forward to receiving Christmas cards through their letterbox, and makes them feel a little less lonely at this time of year. Furthermore, two thirds of Brits are warmed by the idea of the thought and effort that goes into choosing, writing and posting a Christmas card – while 37 per cent look forward to reading the greeting inside.   


Mrs Gilfeather for Oxfam added: “Unlike some charity Christmas cards, every penny of the profit raised from Oxfam Christmas card sales goes to a good cause – fighting poverty at home and around the world. This year Oxfam shops are again stacked with beautiful Christmas cards carefully sourced for you - for every budget and taste - bringing humour, style and art into homes along with your personal messages.

“Last year the money raised from your Christmas card purchases was enough to help children recover from malnutrition in Niger.  Safe, clean water now flows in their communities, making sure that these children can grow healthy for years to come.”