Children reveal all they know about Father Christmas!

Children reveal all they know about Father Christmas!

He lives in the North Pole with Rudolph and the elves, holidays in the Caribbean and knows EVERYTHING! This is what children said about Father Christmas when questioned by travel insurer Columbus Direct.

Half of British children aged five to 11 claim to have met the "real" Santa Claus. When asked how Santa knows where they live, 11 per cent of children say he uses magic to find them on Christmas Eve. One child claimed Father Christmas uses a "magic snow globe he can throw and it tells him exactly where you are". However, one in ten children believes Santa finds their home using a Sat Nav.

What he eats and drinks 

The research reveals that Father Christmas is increasingly teetotal, shying away from the traditional sherry tipple. When asked what they leave out for Santa, only 7 per cent of children left out alcohol.  In those homes where alcohol was offered, sherry has been replaced with options including beer, scotch, wine and Baileys. More than half (54 per cent) of children will leave out milk for Santa this Christmas, with 44 per cent leaving carrots for the reindeer and just over a third leaving cookies.

Who he lives with 

It seems children think Santa is a bachelor boy as, when asked who he lives with, just over a quarter said his partner, Mrs. Claus or Mrs. Christmas. Instead, children believe that Santa lives with his elves (64 per cent) and reindeer (37 cent).  When it comes to the names of his reindeer, the children interviewed offered a range of unusual names not included in ‘The Night Before Christmas’ poem including “Rufus,” “Glee” and “Red nose".

Where he lives 

Despite Lapland advertising itself as the home of Father Christmas, British children aren’t convinced. The research reveals that more than three quarters (77 per cent) of British children believe Santa lives at the North Pole.  Other options for where Santa might live include the South Pole (8 per cent), in the sky (2 per cent) and even underground (2 per cent).

Other gems from the children interviewed when asked to describe Father Christmas include:

  • I have only met fake Father Christmases
  • He knows everything
  • He is the smartest person in the world
  • He goes to the Caribbean in the summer
  • He doesn't know where anyone lives; he has a magical sleigh and just drops presents on houses
  • His spies go to the houses from the North Pole. They watch to see if you're good.

Watch this delightful video to see what children say about Santa Claus