76% of grandparents use spare room solely for grandchildren

76% of grandparents use spare room solely for grandchildren

Who didn’t love staying round granny's when they were a child?

A survey has revealed that grandparents cherish the family time so much they’re willing to stay put in a big enough home for their grandchildren to have their own dedicated bedroom.

Once relegated to the storage of household junk, the spare room has now officially become The Grandchild Room, a little one’s haven for sleepovers and weekend breaks with the grandparents.

The survey, launched by homewares retailer House of Bath to mark National Grandparents Day (October 4th), reveals that more than three quarters (76 per cent) use their spare room solely for their grandchildren, with just 7 per cent using it for storage and 3 per cent converting theirs into a gym/activity room.

Grand help

It’s also been revealed that a staggering 82 per cent of grandparents care for their grandchildren in some capacity with one in four families and one in three single parents reliant upon grandparents to help out.

And it seems that grandparents are more hands-on in larger cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham where the cost of living is higher and both parents are working longer hours, according to those polled.

Kay Hutcheson at House of Bath says: “We’re seeing a shift in living habits of our retired customers. Years ago they were downsizing to bungalows and small flats; now they using their space for looking after their growing families.”

Across the country, it is estimated that 200,000 grandparents are raising children who cannot live with their parents and they splash out an average of £989 a year on their grandchildren - buying them toys, clothes, driving lessons and contributing to educational fees.

Kay continues, “For some families, grandparents are a fundamental part of the family, not only financially but they also offer emotional support and a safe environment for grandchildren to stay in.”

It is estimated that 14 million grandparents in the UK babysit for an average of eight hours a day, 76 times a year - saving British parents a staggering £7,615.69 in annual costs and £56 billion overall a year.