20 things all modern grandparents should know

20 things all modern grandparents should know

We all know that becoming a grandma or grandad is full of many little pleasures – and surprises. But it can be a big learning experience, too, as the youngest generation introduces us to the realities of growing up in the 21st century.

Now, retirement developer, McCarthy and Stone, has come up an Ultimate Guide to Grandparenting, put together on the back of parents and grandparents' own experiences. This includes a list of the 20 things every grandparent should know, from how to play Candy Crush to being able to sing all the words to the songs in Disney’s Frozen.

The pack also contains memory-making activities for grandparents and their grandchildren to try for themselves to encourage them to spend some precious, quality time together, laughing, being mischevious and learning from each other. After all, that's surely what grandmas and grandads are for!


Here's the list of things all grannies and granpas are meant to know. How many can you tick off?

  1. How to take a selfie
  2. The words to One Direction’s latest hit
  3. The difference between Peppa Pig and Mr Tumble
  4. That you never admit to letting your grandchild stay up late
  5. What Minecraft is
  6. The art of photobombing
  7. The words to all the songs in Frozen
  8. Never to comment on your Daughter-in-Law’s overflowing laundry basket
  9. The names of all the CBeebies characters
  10. What ‘Derpy’ and ‘Reem’ mean
  11. How to play Angry Birds and Candy Crush
  12. How to FaceTime the grandchildren
  13. How to insert emojis into a text or WhatsApp
  14. The name of the latest X-Factor or Strictly winner
  15. Your Khloe Kardashian from your Kim Kardashian
  16. What Grumpy Cat is
  17. How to send a Snapchat
  18. Never admit to buying your grandchildren sweets on the way home from school
  19. Always compliment your Daughter-in-Law on your grandchildren’s exceptional manners.  
  20. What twerking is
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