A unique free service offering friendship and support to carers

A unique free service offering friendship and support to carers

The Carers in Touch scheme offers carers the chance to share their feelings with other people who realise just how hard it can be two look after someone 24/7. Carers are often able to share problems with other carers easier than they are with close family members.

Carers share information and ideas but mostly offer friendly, caring support and a listening ear to one another.

It’s a completely free service offering nationwide friendship and support and it is highly valued by almost 2,000 people who belong to both groups.

The Bereavement group is open to anyone who has lost a loved one – you don’t have to have been a carer. It offers bereaved people the chance to share their feelings with others and members say it makes them realise they are not alone.

There are no time limits on membership of the Bereavement group – some people have recently lost a loved one – some have been bereaved for many years. The group offers friendship and support to all.

Many people describe the groups as “a lifeline” and have made lasting friends. Some people meet for coffee, some go on holidays together, others are in touch by post, email or phone.

They all agree that a problem shared is a problem halved.

How do the groups work?

Lists of new people joining the groups are sent by post to existing members every eight weeks.  The lists are sent by post because some people don’t have email. However, email addresses are included where available and lots of people are in touch by letter, phone or email.

If you decide to join your details will be sent out once to all the existing members of either the carers’ or bereavement groups. After that, you will receive regular lists of all the new people joining the groups.

You will, of course, receive the list which includes your own name and details. Your details will not appear in Yours and will only be sent to existing group members.

It’s up to members to get in touch with anyone they want to and new people are always welcomed to the group by existing members – maybe because a they are in a similar situation, live nearby or have shared interests.

Newsletters are sent out to group members every eight weeks alongside the lists of new members. The newsletters contain a letter from Reader Care Editor Rosie Sandall, who runs the scheme, news from members and uplifting poems.

How can I join?

If you want to join either the Carers in Touch group or the Bereavement group email rosemary.sandall@bauermedia.co.uk or write Rosie Sandall, Reader Care Editor, Yours, Media House, Peterborough Business Park, Peterborough, PE2 6EA

Whichever group you join you will be sure of friendship, support and a very warm welcome!