Yours exclusively reviews the new Remington PROtect haircare range

Yours exclusively reviews the new Remington PROtect haircare range

We tested products which promised to help reduce heat damage when drying and styling hair

Yours Verdict

Product: Available exclusively in Boots
Price: £99.99
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ (0/5)

What they say it does…

The PROtect Dryer with ThermoCare technology dries hair fast with less heat for amazing results and less damage. The dryer’s powerful yet gentle motor has the same air flow and drying speed as a 2400W motor but less heat, making it kinder on your precious hair.

The PROtect Straightener with HydraCare technology provides the perfect balance of moisture and heat to keep hair protected while styling, delivering 68 per cent less damage. The Straightener continuously releases a cool mist to hydrate and prep the hair before it passes through the Straightener plates, so you can style at the lower optimum temperature of 170°C and still achieve fast, silky-smooth, long-lasting results.

What our tester thought!

With my frizzy, dry hair, I was the perfect tester for both these hair care products.  The nozzle is impregnated with keratin to help hair avoid frizziness - I was a bit sceptical about this, but actually my hair, which is fine, did feel softer than it would normally feel! And it was the same with my daughter's hair. which is very thick and curly and prone to frizziness too. 

I don't normally use hair straighteners as they always leave my hair feeling really dry and limp after just a few hours, so I was keen to test the promise of this product. After just a few minutes of straightening there was a noticeable difference to the results I've had in the past, the cooling mist did feel like a special treat for my hair. The action of straightening didn't dry my hair out, and it was really shiny too. On my daughter luscious locks it did an amazing job and left her hair super shiny.

On the results we had I would say the PROtect Hair Dryer and Straightener is definintely worth considering if your current products leave your hair feeling dry after styling as mine did!

Remington PROtect Straightener £99.99 Dryer £39.99, available from Boots, visit