We've found the perfect pair of 'sensible' shoes!

We've found the perfect pair of 'sensible' shoes!

Finding a pair of supportive and attractive shoes can be quite a challenge…

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Product: Available from www.josefseibel andfriends.co.uk
Price: £75.00
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

I have a foot problem and was on the look out for a pair of supportive shoes (as requested by my podiatrist!) when I came across the Josef Seibel website. 

The problem I had experienced up to that point was that ‘supportive’ and ‘attractive’ do not often seem to go together when it comes to shoes.

When the podiatrist showed me the kind of shoes he’d recommend, they were the kind that featured Velcro and would not enhance any outfit as far as I could see. But I was determined not give in – either to ignoring his advice or wearing a pair of sensible but unattractive shoes – so I made the effort to scour the shops and look online for a compromise!

Shoe shopping online can be a bit hit and miss – after all there’s no substitute for trying them on in person, but I had tried and failed to find anything in shoe shops locally that I really liked. Luckily, the first pair I ordered from the Josef Seibel website have proved to be not only a perfect fit, but seem to be doing the job I need them to. 

The Romika Carree 06 shoes (shame about the name!) have all the support I was told I needed, a firm leather upper and adjustable fit, plus a raised heel. Velcro is present but hidden away! What I particularly like about them is the sole, which has a trendy jagged design and looks great under jeans.

They are very comfortable and my feet definitely ache less when I am wearing them.

Thoroughly recommended!

Buy online at www.josefseibelandfriends.co.uk