We try the incredible Incredisocks

We try the incredible Incredisocks

Our tester is impressed by these temperature-regulating socks

Yours Verdict

Product: Socks from Incrediwear, incrediweardirect.co.uk
Price: £11.33
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

What they say they do

These high quality socks have been designed to improve the lives of those suffering from discomfort due to circulatory problems, cold feet, inflammation, diabetes and Raynauds Syndrome. Core benefits and characteristics:

    •    Patented technology
    •    Bamboo charcoal germanium thread
    •    Increases blood flow and oxygen
    •    Regulates temperature
    •    Reduces swelling and pain
    •    Improves comfort & mobility

What our tester said

I am one of those people who suffer daily discomfort because my feet are always cold, even when they are swaddled in thermal socks. This has got worse since I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis so I was willing to try any product which could offer respite from the situation. I have to say, I was not feeling overly confident that the socks would do what they said "on the tin".

How pleasantly surprised I was!  I tried two different pairs. One was black ankle length. They were very easy to pull on and instantly felt very comfortable. I wore them all day, firstly with no shoes, and my feet definitely felt warmer without feeling sweaty and restricted. Then I used them with my outdoor shoes and my feet continued to feel very comfy indeed.

The second were grey trainer socks. They were similarly comfortable, indoors and outside (with trainers).

Both pairs machine washed really well and each were just as comfortable on second and subsequent wearings.

From my experience, I would definitely recommend Incredisocks to anyone in a similar situation to me.


Find out more - call Incrediwear Direct on 0207 720 1441 or visit www.incrediweardirect.co.uk