We test Vileda's new smart fibre mop

We test Vileda's new smart fibre mop

The new SuperMocio mop promises plenty but does it deliver? We found out…

Yours Verdict

Product: For full stockist info, call 0845 769 7356 or visit www.vileda.co.uk
Price: £6.29
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

What it says it does…

 The Vileda SuperMocio 3 Action mop with revolutionary 3D smart fibre zones for ultimate dirt and particle pick-up.


What our tester thought…

 As the owner of a collie-cross, who can shed her hair just standing still, I have tried many mops to tackle the tell-tale signs of dog ownership. It is a daily battle to swoop upon the furry tumble-weed which collects along skirting boards and hides under kitchen cabinets. 

I had thought all manual cleaners would be similar but I found this mop, with its smart fibres, really did trap the dirt and collected the dog hair in one sweep. The red non-scratch spots on the mop head’s outer tentacles shifts stubborn stains while the inner strips are so absorbent that you are not dicing with death when washing a stone floor in your slippers. The water pick-up is great and means the floor dries quicker.

The mop head can be removed from the handle for replacement, or if you want to freshen it up pop it in the washing machine. I always place the mop head inside an old pillow-case and secure so there is no danger of causing any damage inside your machine.

A flexible handle means, with one twist, you can loosen and then adjust to the appropriate height to suit you. Reverse the move to tighten the handle in place.

A sure winner in the battle against grime.