We test an online food service to save you money

We test an online food service to save you money

Prevent food waste and save money on your shop with this handy service

Yours Verdict

Product: www.approvedfood.co.uk
Price: £5.99
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

What they say it does...

Approved Food can save you more than 70 per cent off your weekly grocery shop. We sell many major brands and anything 'de-identified' is normally from one of the major supermarkets. Approved Food can offer fantastic value that no supermarket can ever compete with. Your order is packed and delivered to your door.

What our tester thought...

Approved Food is an online shopping emporium selling a mixture of fresh produce, tinned goods, pet food, household products, toiletries, alcohol, snacks, soft drinks and more. The idea is that the stock is nearing its sell-by date and would go to waste from supermarkets, despite being perfectly save to eat (the company doesn't sell any frozen food, and is honest about the dates on each product so you can decide what you're happy with) and can therefore be sold at a discount.

The ordering process is easy enough and the tabs at the top can help you find the sort of thing you need. While the most popular items are snacks and treats, I was actually very impressed with the range of healthy items available - things like olive oil, almonds and cereals which can be quite pricey at the supermarket. I was also pleased to stock up on cat food at a big discount - especially when the sell by dates weren't until the middle of next year anyway. Those with dietary requirements will usually find a good selection of gluten free and dairy free options too, which, again, can be expensive at the supermarket.

Delivery took a week, but there were no problems and it meant I didn't have to struggle home from the shops with jars, tins and dried goods. I spent around £35 (plus delivery on top) and was able to stock up my bathroom and kitchen cupboards with lots of useful staples - as well as treating myself to a chocolate bar (or two!) There is fresh produce available too, although I didn't order any myself. I was very happy with everything that arrived, it was all undamaged and good quality - you'd never know it was nearing the end of its shelf life.

Downsides are that delivery isn't cheap, starting at £5.99, but you should save more than enough on the food price to cover this. You need to be patient as well, waiting about a week for delivery - but it's a good way to fill your cupboards with tinned and dried goods without having to lug them all back from the shops, as well as justifying a few treats perhaps... Of course you are limited by what's available - that's the very nature of discounted food - but personally I quite like the feeling of hunting for new bargains and you can always sign up for emails which keep you posted on new products.

All in all, it seems a practical way to combat food waste and make serious savings - give it a whirl.