Watermans GrowMe shampoo and conditioner
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Price: £25 for the set

Star rating: ★★★★★

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Conceived by husband and wife team Matt and Gail Waterman, who were experiencing their own hair issues, this shampoo and conditioner aims to tackle hair-loss and revitalise dull and thin hair. Ingredients include biotin, caffeine and argan oil, and it's clinically proven to strengthen hair follicles, improves scalp circulation and increase hair density.

I have quite fine hair, although there is a lot of it, but I had noticed that it felt thinner since reaching the menopause. I don't have any bald patches or obvious thinning, but it just didn't feel as dense or as bouncy as it once did. This is a gradual process and one that takes a while for you to really catch on! Cue a new shampoo and conditioner to try to address it...

There are many hair products promising to make hair feel thicker or more luxurious but I was interested in the Watermans range as it was recommended by a friend experiencing the same problems as me. First thing I noticed was the smell... it was lovely! Lots of hair-care products smell good when you first use them in the shower, but few maintain their scent throughout the day. This one does (my husband noticed it too!). It's a delicate smell and that, combined with the feel of my hair, made it a winner for me.

The bottles are a decent size for the money (250ml) and you only need a small amount to work up a good lather.  It smells good (did I mention that?) and feels rich and creamy without leaving my hair feeling sticky. The conditioner smells great too and after working it through my hair and leaving it on for a few minutes, it washed off without leaving any oily residue. This was particularly important to me as I have quite oily skin and hair so need to wash it every day.

Afterwards, my hair did actually feel thicker when I combed it through wet so I was interested to see how it would feel after styling. A quick blow-dry and a run through with the hair straighteners, I was left with shiny, great-smelling hair that yes, did feel fuller and did feel heavier. It was a feeling that lasted all day (until my next wash the following morning).

 I think the key here is these products make your hair feel better and look better. I doubt they actually make your hair grow faster or increase the amount of hair on your scalp but they are, 'clinically proven to strengthen hair follicles, improve scalp circulation and increase hair density' so with regular use, the condition of your hair should improve. I used both the shampoo and conditioner together for a few weeks (every day) and my hair felt fuller, heavier and I felt more confident about it. Again, another key element is how you feel about your hair and the way it looks as most women agree, it's their crowning glory. Having hair that not only feels good (and smells good!) makes you feel more feminine and will boost your confidence.

Highly recommended!

 £24.95 for shampoo and conditioner set

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