Vionic Venture Walker - orthotic support shoe review

Vionic Venture Walker  - orthotic support shoe review

Our tester loved these funky trainers with hidden benefits

Yours Verdict

Product: Vionic Venture Walker

Price: £70.00
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

What they say it does:

Helps support feet.

• Features FMT Technology, a biomechanic orthotic footbed that naturally aligns your feet and may help to relieve heel pain by reducing over-pronation.

 • Lightweight durable mesh and man-made overlays give the Venture walker a sporty look while promoting breathability and comfort for confidence with each step.

• Removable Covered EVA footbed with 1st Ray Flexor technology.

• Durable rubber outsole.


What our reviewer said:

 After many years of wearing unsupportive shoes (completely flat-soled flip-flops being my worst offence) I've suffered over recent years from inflammation and swelling at the base of each big toe. Otherwise known as bunions. There I've said it... it's not a pretty word, but  I've realised it's time I faced up to years of neglect and start to wear shoes that support my feet rather than deform them.  

I noticed that my condition improved in the winter while I wore my beloved (well-made) winter boots and got worse once I attempted to wear more flimsy flat-soled sandals and sneakers each summer. So I was very interested to try a pair of shoes from the Vionic range. Not being particularly "girly" in my choice of footwear, I chose a pair of funky trainers. 

I love the bright colours of the Vionic Venture Walker trainers, and when I tried them on it immediately struck me how lightweight they feel. 

I began by wearing them at home on a day when I was on my feet a lot, and found them very comfortable, with no noticeable difference to regular trainers. 

However, when I wore them for a workout, perhaps because the exercise was quite high-impact,  I was conscious of a slight hard edge to the arch support. They didn't feel as comfortable as my regular trainers, but maybe that pronounced support was doing my feet good!  Wearing them for a long walk, the arch support again felt noticeably pronounced. 

However, after a few weeks I noticed an improvement in the swelling on my toes. 

I took the trainers along to a recent appointment with my podiatrist who said he had heard about the Vionic brand and that they were fine to wear. 

In summary I would say the trainers do take some getting used to, especially for exercising, as the arch support can feel pronounced, but that is the nature of the beast, which is helping to correct poor foot posture.  The Vionic range is stylish and varied, not at all old-fashioned, so there is something for everyone, without shouting "comfy shoes"!

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