Vileda Windomatic - combatting condensation

Vildeda Windomatic

Rating: 4/5

Vileda Windomatic RRP £49.99, for stockists please visit

What they say ....

With the cooler months setting in, condensation is a common problem in many homes across the UK with the chilly weather outside contrasting with the warm interior of our homes. Luckily, Vileda has the perfect product to suck away excess moisture from your windows in the form of the Windomatic.

Ideal for combatting the condensation build up on your house windows, mirrors and shower cubicles, the Windomatic is also suitable to use on car windscreens. The powerful Windomatic sucks away the water without any drips and is fast and efficient.


What our reviewer says ....

I was a little skeptical about how useful this product would be - what can't be done with a little 'elbow grease' so I often hear myself saying but here is the thing; you don't really know how much 'elbow grease' you need until you make an effort to find things to do, to test a product like this ....

The job I probably find myself putting to the bottom of my cleaning list is cleaning my inner window panes - all that reaching up and effort trying to get any water smears off! This is when using the Windomatic was really appreciated! After cleaning your widow pane, the Windowmatic does all the 'elbow grease' for you. It was so easy and quick too! It has a flexible head and rubber lip, so was easy to manoeuvre. It is also lightweight and ergonomic, which helps minimize strain.

The only thing I had to do is wipe the window sills (although I found out after I should have just whizzed over these with the tool too!) .... other then that, drying the window was quick, easy and surprisingly streak-free!


In conclusion ....

The Widowmatic helped take the strain and reduced them time spent on one of my most disliked cleaning tasks and for this, I definitely give it a thumbs up! It was also great at sucking up spills.

With the onset of autumn and winter, where condensation becomes more of problem, I would recommend this handy tool. It won't break the bank to buy  and once you have it, you'll wonder how you managed without it, so ..... goodbye 'elbow grease' and hello more time to enjoy a cuppa with your feet up!

Vileda Windomatic RRP £49.99, for stockists please visit