Make it a clean sweep with the Vileda 3Action Broom

Make it a clean sweep with the Vileda 3Action Broom

Get right into those corners with the clever design of this Vileda broom

Yours Verdict

Product: Vileda 3Action Broom
Available nationwide.
Online shop:
Price: £5.99
Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3/5)

What it says it does…

Clears all dirt and dust in one sweep and reaches into difficult places such as edges and corners
Lightweight and easy to use
Suitable for use on all indoor hard floor surfaces

Our tester said...

This was a very lightweight broom with a good, long handle, which meant no bending, but it was just a little too lightweight for me. I prefer a more solid broom, which makes me feel as if my floors are getting a thorough sweep! It appeared to glide over the surfaces, rather than give them a deep down sweep, but that said, it did remove dirt and hair from the floor efficiently and did reach into awkward corners.
My floors need sweeping twice a day as I have a long-haired dog and a cat who moults permanently so this broom had a lot to live up to.
Unfortunately it was just not heavy-duty enough for my needs but if you don’t have hairy pets and don’t like to bend while sweeping, this should meet your needs admirably. And there’s the added bonus of recycled bristles so you are doing your bit for the environment, too!