DIY made even easier

DIY made even easier

Complete DIY jobs quickly and easily with these all-in-one solutions from U-Can

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If you live or your own, or your other half is not too good at DIY, attempting some of the more routine jobs has just got easier. Calling out the experts is a good idea if it’s electric or gas-related, or if you feel it’s something out of your league, but for more basic things like mending holes or plastering cracks or even just making your home more winter-proof, give these kits a try…

Magnetic radiator heat savers

Claims to reduce heat by up to 60 per cent
Easy to cut, works on all steel radiators
Covers x1 – 600x1200mm radiator
Tools needed: scissors

Delivered as a pack of six rectangular silver-sided metallic sheets, these take literally seconds to fit and you can feel pleased with yourself that you have not only made energy savings, you have helped make your home warmer over the winter. Simply place one or two (they can be cut to fit with scissors) between your radiator and the wall, silver side facing out, and they will stick themselves to the radiator. No glue or fixings needed. They will then reflect the heat from the radiator outwards and upwards.

I fitted a few of these on my kitchen radiator and on the radiator in my downstairs loo (notoriously cold!) and I can already feel a difference. Best of all, they can’t be seen so they can do their job inconspicuously. They don’t work so well on fin-shaped radiators though as there’s not enough of a flat surface for them to cling to

Radiator heart reflectors: £14 for 6 strips

 Smooth ceiling patch and filler

Ever looked up at your ceilings and thought to yourself, “I must sort out that crack”? Well, now you can. This tub of fixing delight has everything you need to do the job – two sachets of 500g filler, a 10cm2 plasterboard patch, a filling knife, sanding block and mixing tool.

Carrying out the job is simple… just mix it up in the tub (no need to find an old bucke) by simply adding water – all the tools you need are included – but I recommend wearing a pair of gloves.. The hard bit is getting to the right height to do the job. If you are using a stepladder, make sure it’s placed on an even surface and 100% stable before you use it. I mended a few cracks and dints in my daughter’s bedroom ceiling and it only took me about half an hour – and that included getting things prepared and mixing up the plaster. It dried quickly and I was very happy with the result. Now all I have to do is paint the entire ceiling to finish it off…

Smooth ceiling and patch filler


Pothole and driveway repair

Although this sounds more challenging, it’s actually quite an easy job using the materials supplied and also very satisfying!

Many times I’ve looked at that small hole in my driveway and thought I should do something about it before it gets bigger. Now I have. This is a 10kg tub so there’s plenty of product to experiment with. The tub states you need gloves, goggles (I didn’t bother with those), a pick or claw hammer, a brush, shovel, tarmac edging and jointing spray, a garden trowel and a garden fork. As the hole I was repairing was really very small (about the width of a tea cup), I didn’t need any tarmac edging and jointing spray and I managed to whack it flat using the back of a garden trowel. This was actually quite fun to do and I felt very ‘professional’ although I must admit, I watched the online video first as I didn’t want to make a mess of it. It was surprisingly easy and far less messy than I had imagined. And your other half (or your friends– or even your neighbours) will be very impressed. A few weeks on and it still seems to be holding up.
Pothole and driveway repair
10kg for

All these U-Can products have a video if you feel you would like to see a demonstration before you start. They are only short and done in a very unpatronising, humorous way. You can view short videos on all types of DIY jobs from mending a broken brick face to fixing a fence post and even how to make your own garden gnome! Visit

NOTE: Price quoted is for cheapest product. Prices range depending on product chosen.