Give your hair a warm new look for winter

Give your hair a warm new look for winter

A home colouring solution that gives great results

Yours Verdict

Price: £8.99
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

What they say it does:

Our Tints of Nature permanent hair colour is packed full of natural and organic ingredients that nourish and protect your hair to give you the best natural hair colour. And because your hair responds better to gentle, natural products you get happy, glossy hair with long-lasting colour locked in. Choose Tints of Nature no ammonia permanent hair colour for stunning professional results in gorgeous shades of brunette, blonde and red.

Our tester says:

The packaging on this hair colour looks rather old-fashioned, especially when you think it has to stand out on the shelves and compete with so many other hair colouring products, but looks are often deceiving -  what was it like to use?

 For a start, the instructions… they were very clear, easy to understand and follow.

 I usually apply hair colour to dry hair but Tints of Nature supply a sachet of clarifying shampoo to wash your hair first and rid it of any build-up of products before applying the colourant to damp hair.

There was a very low smell – always a plus sign in my book – and virtually no unpleasant chemical odour.

After mixing up the product, it was quite runny; I'm used to foam hair colours that don’t run or make much mess, so you need to take extra care when protecting the area around you with old towels, etc.

After carefully applying the colour, I put on the supplied plastic cap then sat back and waited for the allotted time (30 mins to cover my grey).

The supplied gloves were the ones that seem to come with all home hair colours -  useless! – made of thin and crinkly plastic that I always put a nail through or split when I remove them, so I used a pair of my own latex-free gloves instead.

 After the required 30 mins I used the sachet of after-colour shampoo, then applied the conditioner (which hadnice, subtle scent, not at all overpowering).

Although my hair didn’t feel silky soft afterwards, it did feel full and bouncy. I have quite fine hair and I always use mousse to give it some body when I blow dry it, so I was pleased that my hair didn’t feel toosoft and floppy.

Once dried and styled, I experienced no after-smell and no prickly scalp, I was also very pleased with the resulting colour – I had chosen 7R Soft Copper Blonde Permanent Hair Colour, which came out a soft, subtle shade of red that has given my skin a bit of colour. Perfect for winter! Priced at £8.99, it’s affordable and gives great results at home. I recommend this product – just make sure you have some spare gloves to hand!

The website contains a lot of useful information about looking after your hair and how to colour it and care for it successfully, as well as a video on how to apply colour if you need guidance.