Time to give home comfort some support – Vionic Slipper Style!

Time to give home comfort some support – Vionic Slipper Style!

A slipper that performs well, achieving the goal of looking stylish, helping with aches and pains. At £65 a pair, they are little on the expensive side .....

Yours Verdict

Product: 'Vanah' slippers

Price: £65.00
Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3/5)

As I’ve suffered from a condition called pes planus (a technical term for fallen arches, less flatteringly known as ‘flat feet’) all my life and been used to wearing arch supports in footwear (that is footwear that can actually take them....stylish ones becoming few and far between as I’ve gotten older), I jumped at the chance to wear these new slippers from Vionics. The shoe and slipper range provide built-in Orthotic technology to help relieve the symptoms of common pains, be they associated with fallen arches or just a hectic lifestyle.   So what are the Pros and Cons of the slippers I tried (known as 'Vanah')?

Pros: Whether you wear flat shoes all day or choose a bit of heal, generally either your posture has gone by the time you get home or your legs ache a little at best, then these slippers do help! The bootee style provides good ankle support  (complete with adjustable Velcro strap) and the built-in orthotic technology helps to relieve over-pronation and by doing so, helps to improve posture and relieve aches.

The bootee slippers are also comfortable, sturdy and I’ve often joked with my husband that I would happily walk to the shops in them, as I don’t think many would realise they are slippers! 

Cons: Whilst the slippers are comfortable, they could benefit from more padding inside. The slippers only come in full sizes too. As I am a full ‘size 6’ would have found them more comfortable if they were a half size bigger, so please be careful when choosing your size.

I was also a little bit disappointed with the price of the slippers (£65, for a non-leather product). Whilst I understand the slippers use orthotic ‘technology’ and items of this sort are generally on the pricier side, I would be hesitant to part with £65. I am confident that if I look after the slippers they should last at least a year and maybe two but in terms of economics verses the health benefits, I would lean towards finding alternatives.

Conclusion: The slippers performed well and did help with aches and pains but at £65 a pair, they are a little on the expensive side.


Slippers: Vanah (available in Chestnut, as per image, black and plum colours)

Where to buy: The Vionic range is stocked in more than 120 outlets in the UK, and is available to buy on the Vionic website; please visit www.vionicshoes.co.uk.