Turn back the clock with this Time Bomb Cream Cleanser

Turn back the clock with this Time Bomb Cream Cleanser

Help turn back the clock with Time Bomb Take-Off Time Cream Cleanser and make your skin look years younger

Yours Verdict

Product: Time Bomb Take-Off Time Cream Cleanser, Selfridges, Fenwicks, Jarrolds, www.timebombco.com
Price: £15.00
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)


What it says it does:

Cleanses, moisturises and gently buffs off dead surface cells. Leaves skin polished, more even-toned, with a renewed youthful glow. This emollient-rich cleanser is strategically formulated with a small amount of professional grade magnesium oxide crystals that have straight edges to help gently lift away surface cells, exposing your freshest, youngest, glowing complexion.

 Our tester said:

This smells great; there’s just hint of fragrance and it’s not at all overpowering. I loved using this at night as it made my face feel really clean. It contains very small grains to subtly remove dead skin cells and cleans without being too harsh. I used my fingers to gently massage it into my face and neck nightly then washed it off with warm water.

 It’s called a cream cleanser so must be mixed with a gentle cream moisturiser as after I’d rinsed it off, my skin felt incredibly soft and smooth and not at all dry. It did an excellent job of removing all-day make-up and a small bit goes a long way. I really like using exfoliating products as I have quite oily skin and find regularly sloughing off dead cells very beneficial. This was perfect for the job and I would definitely buy it again. it  The packaging looks great too!