This clever activity tracker is perfect for helping you stay active

This clever activity tracker is perfect for helping you stay active

With a step counter and sleep tracker, this activity wristband can help you keep your health goals on course

Yours Verdict

Product: www.stressnomore.
Price: £99.99
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

What they say it does…

With a slimline, attractive build the AS80 has been specifically designed for premium comfort and all-day wear, and driven by HealthManager, Beurer’s powerful, free to download app, the AS80 offers a range of important information to help users set goals and hit targets.

What our reviewer thought…

In today’s digital age some things are possible that even ten years ago would’ve seemed improbable!

The activity tracker from Beurer is one of these. It’s a wristband which acts as a clock, step counter and sleep tracker. You simply set yourself a daily step goal – in my case 10,000 steps –  then do whatever you can to meet this target.

Its simple design means you can see how much activity you have done since waking up – and to do a bit more walking or other exercise if you feel you need to. It also converts the number of steps into miles – very satisfying – and I was surprised how quickly I clocked up those miles without really making too much extra effort!

As someone who spends a lot of the day in a sedentary job, it kept being more active towards the front of my mind, so I found myself getting up as often as possible and going up and down the stairs whenever I could to give my target a boost. I definitely felt fitter for using it and it helped me achieve my weight-loss goals!

How does it work?

The wristband needs two things to track your activity – the Health Manager App, which I downloaded into my smartphone and a Bluetooth connection. Once I had worked out how to turn on Bluetooth on my phone I was away!

Then I needed to charge the wristband – this proved a bit tricky as I didn’t realise you need to align the charger with sensors on the back of the wristband. I had a few false starts with this but got there in the end!

Then I set myself a step target on the App and input my weight and held down the button on the top of the wristband to ‘sync’ the wristband with the phone, enabling the phone to record all my activity. At the end of every day I would sync the wristband with the phone to download that day’s data.

It sounds complicated, but after you’ve done it a couple of times (and grappled with the concept of Bluetooth) it is straightforward. 

The only irritating element was that the wristband didn’t come with an easy-to-follow instruction booklet – what you get is 2 separate user guides, each with 10 languages, and it is a bit confusing trying to pick out the English from among quite a lot of text. But Beurer is a European business dealing with customers in many countries and I can imagine that this ‘one size fits all’ approach is easiest for them.

Is it worth the money?

If you are reasonably technology-savvy, or have a friend of relative who is good at explaining these things, then I would recommend giving the AS80 wristband a try. it really can make a difference!