The Vileda Dust cloth - a five-star product!

The Vileda Dust cloth - a five-star product!

Dusting is definitely easier with this cloth!

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Price: £1.99
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

The Vileda Microfibre Dust Cloth 

What it says it does…

Claims to be 40 per cent better dust pick up than traditional cotton dust cloths. Ideal for all kinds of surfaces. 


Our tester said…

'Great product! Made dusting so much easier and quicker. With a normal duster and polish, I find if you don’t hoover the area first, the polish just moves the dust about. With this Vileda microfibre dust cloth you don’t have to hoover the area first, it lifts the dust away brilliantly. On picture frames and mirrors it works a treat too, as polish tends to smear them. 

'The cloth is excellent for getting into hard to reach spaces & works great on venetian blinds also. The feel of the cloth is lovely and soft & fleece like, not like some microfibre cloths that can feel quite rough. 

'For washing the cloth, it recommends to wash at a low temperature to prolong the lifetime of the cloth. I have every faith this cloth would remain effective and last you a very long time.'