The Gtech eBike – City model

The Gtech eBike – City model

RRP £995.95

Rating 5*

What they say

The Gtech eBike will let you fall in love with cycling again. Ride it like a normal bike, but as soon as you pedal, you'll feel the difference as a powerful lithium-ion battery and motor give you a boost whenever you need it. Hills will feel flatter, you'll be able to explore further and arrive fresher with our electric bike.

What our reviewer says

I couldn't drive until my late 30s, so up till then, I rode my old shopper everywhere. But since learning to drive, I’ve not been back on a bike. Now semi-retired,  getting back on in the saddle for fun was one of those things on my to-do list. So when given the opportunity to test one of these new-fangled electric bicycles I was excited but a little daunted.

The Gtech eBike was delivered boxed and partially built, but it was lightweight and easy enough to put together with the clear instructions. I was testing the City model, with a 17” step-through frame, comfort saddle and a more upright position and I loved that it looked just like a normal bike too – not complicated, clunky or something that resembled a moped.

The battery sits where a water bottle would normally go and whilst well disguised as such, I wouldn’t leave the battery on if I had to leave the bike, as
a) although you can ride it without, it is harder as there is only one gear   
b) if it does go missing, a replacement battery will set you back around £300
The powerful lithium-ion battery takes about three hours to charge fully which gives you a distance of up to 30 miles. So while on charge I rode it the two minutes to my local bicycle shop to make sure I'd put it together correctly. The owner checked it over for me, tightened up the bolts, and was clearly very impressed.

I intended my first journey out, to be a short ride to the next village,  but as you start to pedal, it activates the onboard computer which starts the motor, giving you a boost. I needn't have worried that I wasn't going to be in full control either. I’m sure I didn't reach the 15 mph legal limit for an e-bike, because had I done, the computer would stop helping until I'd slowed down. Pedalling is so much easier and with no gears to get confused with, I ended up three villages along, with a renewed sense of freedom and the energy to go for a few more miles.

A range of optional Gtech accessories such as mudguards, kickstand and lock are also available to buy separately