Tefal Titanium Excel all-in-one pan review

Tefal Titanium Excel all-in-one pan review
Product:  Tefal Titanium Excel  all-in-one pan, available from Argos and Amazon  RRP: £60.00  Rating: ★★★★ (4/5)

Product: Tefal Titanium Excel all-in-one pan, available from Argos and Amazon

RRP: £60.00

Rating: ★★★★ (4/5)

What they say ….

The Titanium Excel range is Tefal’s strongest yet, proven to last against abrasion up to 24 times longer. Excellent for batch cooking, the innovative all-in-one square pan comes with a vented glass lid for easy steam release, a stainless steel steamer and a stainless steel skimmer for effortless draining and serving of food. The Titanium Excel features an aluminium core for superior heat distribution, and Thermo-Spot® technology for optimum cooking temperatures. The range also features extra deep sides, designed for multi-purpose cooking, can replace a whole draw of pots and pans. The Tefal Titanium Excel range is dishwasher safe and compatible with all hobs.

What our reviewer says ….

We love this pan from Tefal. It’s a good quality, all-rounder pan that allows you to cook range of tasty meals, be it from frying meat and vegetables, to making a pasta sauce or stir-fry, to stews and boiling or steaming a good amount of vegetables. It comes with a recipe book to inspire you to try something new which is helpful. 

We liked the fact that we could use the pan to steam some vegetables and then, after giving it a quick swish under the tap to clean, could put the steamed veg to one side to then use the pan again. After adding the meat (or any other food of our choosing) to cook in the pan, we then re-added the steamed vegetables to heat through with the contents already in the pan. This all meant we could use the one pan for two tasks, saving on the amount of pans used and consequently on the washing up - a welcome bonus!


The pan is very easy to wash due to the excellent coating and dries really well. We also liked the sturdy lid and stainless steel skimmer, which won’t scratch the pan (this give us peace of mind too, as it’s so easy to forget to use plastic utensils when you are in a rush and then have the worry after that you’ve scratched your pan!).

In conclusion ….

We would have gladly given this pan top marks but for the fact the pan is a little on the heavy side and the long handle makes it near-impossible to use in any oven other than an Aga. The steamer attachment is a little ‘low’ for our liking too. Having said all this, these are ‘niggles’ at best. You could spend a lot more for a quality pan like this, so Tefal have delivered a good-quality product at an affordable price that can save you time in the kitchen and leave you to enjoy the finer things in life like a good chin-wag, a lazy summer day or a cosy nights in!

Useful information ….

The All-in-one pan is part of the Titanium Excel range and has an RRP of £60.00. Other items in the range start from as little as £30.00.

The All-in-one pan is available from Argos or Amazon