Tefal Ingenio essential 13-piece pan set review

Tefal Ingenio essential 13-piece pan set review

Our reviewer found these clever pans saved both time and space.

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Product: Tefal Ingenio Essential 13-piece pan set
Price: £149.99
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

What it does: 

The Ingenio concept is built around ingenious handles that attach and detach with just one click, allowing you to not only save space when cooking or storing, but to really maximise the use of your cookware through versatility. It allows you to transfer your cooking from the hob to the oven and then direct to the table – all in the same dish.

What our reviewer said:

"The Tefal Ingenio 13-piece set has two saucepans (16cm and 20cm) one 24 cm sauté pan, and two frying pans (22cm and 28cm). Also included are a steamer, three stackable glass lids, two removable handles and two plastic lids for sealing the saucepans for cold storage.
The pans are, as you would expect from a brand like Tefal, good quality aluminium with a non-stick coating, and are suitable for all heat sources except induction (although an induction set is available), they're oven-proof and dishwasher safe.
I was initially a little nervous of using the detachable handles but they are extremely sturdy with a strong reassuring "click" when they attach to the pan.  The handles attach safely to move and tip the pans (e.g. to drain them) and detach easily, with two side buttons.  The instructions recommend the handles are removed during cooking on the hob, to prolong their life.

 Three glass lids with nifty butterfly-wing-type handles, and are designed to allow for draining the pan using the lid. The biggest glass lid only appeared to fit tightly on the steamer attachment.


 I really like the fact that the pans can go from the hob straight into the oven (minus their handle), saving time during meal preparation and washing up. With their lids detached, the black pans look quite smart as tablewear for everyday use, and I've found I have used them regularly to serve meals on the table.  Personally, I wouldn't use them on the dining table as serving dishes for special occasions.



As the pans are stackable, minus their handles, they do take up less space in the cupboard, which is a distinct advantage as I find my regular set of pans stack precariously and take up a lot of storage space.

I would recommend this set as a comprehensive collection of smart pans, saving space and time."

• Tefal Ingenio Essential 13-piece pan set £149.99 at Argos