Swan Air Fryer Review
Swan air fryer

Our tester found more and more uses for this
money-saving, low fat air fryer

Price: £59.99

Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)


What they say:

The Swan Air Fryer is the healthy, energy-efficient solution for all your home frying needs. It allows you to prepare food with little to no oil  (using at least 80% less oil than a conventional cooking methods.) Perfect for family favourites such as chunky chips, fresh fish, Sunday roasts, BBQ ribs and much more.

What our reviewer thought:

When I first tried out this product I wasn’t sure what I could cook with it, apart from oven chips. However, as I’ve had it to hand in my kitchen for the last couple of months, I’ve found myself turning to it regularly to cook a wide variety of foods.

What I like best about this “mini oven” is that, being much smaller than a regular oven, it heats up really fast, and is ready to use in just two to three minutes, so it doesn’t seem like a waste of energy, too time-consuming or too much trouble to cook a small amount of food. It has just two simple controls, a temperature dial, and a timer dial which buzzes when the cooking time is up. The instructions advised that preheating wasn’t necessary, but I found it gave much better results.

I’ve cooked chips and sweet potato chips from scratch, with just a light spray of cooking oil, with very good results. I have also used the oven for other homemade recipes and it produced great results, cooking foods that start out with a very thick batter, such as homemade onion bhajis, onion rings and doughnuts.

Oven ready products (e.g. chips, fish fingers) cook really evenly. I found it particularly good for those oven cook 'party bites' that are sold especially around Christmas time.

My impression was that if the oven is filled to its 3 litre capacity, the food doesn’t cook quite as evenly, (even with recommended frequent shaking of the contents) so it really is best to cook smaller quantities of food. It comes into its own cooking food for one to two people, and is very economical, compared to heating up a normal-sized oven.

The air fryer is non-stick, diswasher safe and has an odour filter. I found it a neat looking product, simple to use and easy to clean.

I would particularly recommend this for anyone cooking for themselves or a couple, as being so compact, it's speedy and energy efficient, as well as producing healthy, tasty foods.

For more information visit http://www.swan-brand.co.uk/spotlight/featured-products/air-fryer

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