Standing desk Pro Plus 36™– review

Standing desk Pro Plus 36™– review

Standing desks are revolutionising the way we work so we tested out a standing Varidesk Pro Plus

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Price: £335.00
Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3/5)

We’ve probably all read the health stories about the benefits of regular exercise. But if you’re in an office job and sitting down most of the day that can be a challenge. It's often the same story for people who work from home or spend a lot of time at the house computer too.

Working on a magazine, much of my day is spent sitting at a desk typing away on a computer, so when the chance came to ‘test drive’ a Standing Desk I jumped at the chance.

The desks, that come in different styles, are placed on to an existing desk and allow you to raise the height of your computer so you can either stand or sit to work.

The lower keyboard and mouse deck has room for a full-size keyboard, mouse pad and mouse, or even a graphics tablet. Both tiers raise and lower at the same time, so when you switch positions, your keyboard and mouse come with you.

It was certainly easy to set up –  just a case of moving my ‘desk clutter’ out of the way – and with the help of a work colleague I was off! The fact it came fully assembled certainly made things a lot easier.

So after a week of trying it out what are my thoughts? I could absolutely see the health benefits and it offered a refreshing chance to take a break from sitting now and then, but being in an office where I was the only one standing did seem strange, towering over everyone. Although it certainly gave me more flexibility to choose to stand or sit.

But maybe one of the biggest benefits is for employers. Recent research revealed that a standing desk can increase productivity by 46 per cent. A week later, it's perhaps too early to tell but it's certainly been fun to try out.



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