Make light work of cleaning with Spontex Kits

Make light work of cleaning with Spontex Kits

To do a job properly, you need the right kit and these Spontex cloths are well up to it!

Yours Verdict

Product: Spontex Kitchen & Bathroom Kits: Available from Ocado and
Price: £4.99
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

Spontex Microfibre Bathroom Kit

What it says it does:

Gives sparkling results
Removes grime and watermarks
Efficient with just water
Removes 99% of bacteria
2 in 1 3D texture and scrubbing bands
2 cloths in pack – 1 all-purpose and 1 bathroom
Removes bathroom grime without scratching while the 3D textured side is super absorbent leaving a shiny, watermark-free finish
The all-purpose with thick 3D weave easily tackles dirt and dust, even on delicate surfaces, leaving a brilliant shine.
Can be machine washed. 

Spontex Microfibre Kitchen Kit

What it says it does:

Gives sparkling results
Removes grease and stains
Efficient with just water
Removes 99% of bacteria
3D texture pad
1 all-purpose, 1 kitchen
Effortlessly absorbs water
Thick 3D weave wipes away grease and stains leaving a gleaming finish
Ideal for all kitchen surfaces, including ceramic hobs, stainless steel, tiles and worktops

Our tester says:

Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen can be a thankless task as it seems no sooner have you done it, than it needs doing again. However, as any tradesperson will tell you, using the right tools makes short work of it ,as well as giving professional results. With this in mind, I had high hopes for the Spontex Microfibre Bathroom and Kitchen kits. These products come boxed with two cloths apiece – an all-purpose one and either a specific bathroom or kitchen cloth.

These cloths felt really robust and up to the job. Thick, capable and a pleasure to work with (anyone who has ever attempted a serious cleaning job with a limp J-cloth will know exactly what I mean!) I set to cleaning my bathroom, in particular the shower cubicle suffering from a build-up of limescale (I live in a very hard water area).

The textured cloth with built-in scrubbing bands did a good job, although I completely ignored the claim ‘Efficient with just water’ as water alone is not enough to clean off limescale, and with the aid of a spray cleaner, I cut through the muck and grime to reveal sparkling results. After cleaning thoroughly, I switched to the super-absorbent side of the cloth to give the cubicle doors a good buffing and get rid of any watermarks. Easy peasy.

After a thorough rinse, I hung up the cloth to dry, safe in the knowledge that it could be used again and again, as it’s thick and good quality.

Now for the kitchen kit…  There’s nothing more difficult to clean than a ceramic hob with burnt-on spillages so this would be a challenge. I gave the cloth a bit of an advantage by pouring warm water on the hob first to loosen the debris, before setting to work with just the 3D textured pad.

To its credit, the cloth did a good job of removing the burnt-on spillages using just warm water and although this action left huge stains on it, the cloth rinsed out really well, ready to be used again.

I confess to ignoring the ‘Efficient with just water’ claim again, and poured on my favourite hob cleaner before setting to work removing every last trace of grease. After rinsing, I used the all-purpose cloth (which felt soft and squishy) to buff up a shine on my hob. Very satisfying!

It’s also claimed that these cloths remove 99% of bacteria, but this is something I can't verify. What I can say is that they do a fine job of cleaning, are good quality, robust and, because they rinse out well and can be machine-washed, they should last for ages. Job done!