Snuggle Up blanket on test!

Snuggle Up blanket on test!

This blanket could help save you on heating bills

Yours Verdict

Price: £25.00
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

What the product claimed:

  • A luxurious thermal blanket with a 1.6 tog, ideal for chilly winter evenings.

What our tester thought:

I loved this blanket! Once under, I didn't want to emerge. I tested it in the living room without the heating on and it did keep me warm enough. When combined with the HeatHolder slipper socks I was extra toasty! The second test was how it would fare on my bed. My bedroom is often cold and the duvet not enough, but the blanket as an extra layer over the top really made a difference. A star product and it delivers exactly what it promises.