Skyroam Solis, WiFi for your Holiday

Skyroam Solis, WiFi for your Holiday

What they say ….

Skyroam Solis is a global WiFi hotspot that keeps you connected and on the go in over 130 countries worldwide and saves its users from having to worry about roaming fees, dodgy WiFi connections or configuring SIM cards. It also contains a built-in power bank and has a 16h battery life.  Data is unlimited and up to 5 gadgets can be connected to the device at once. The Solis allows its users to stay in touch with their close ones while travelling (a quick FaceTime call to check in with the kids or vice versa) and is very easy to use which makes it appropriate for all age groups. People that travel often can buy a device, or those that only travel sporadically can rent one for the duration of their holiday.

What our reviewer says….

As network UK roaming fees transfer over when visiting EU countries, we were not sure how useful the Skyroam Solis would be on our holiday destination to Kefalonia, Greece but with a future holiday planned to far flung Thailand late in November, our Kefalonia adventure would prove to be the perfect testing ground.

Whilst we were not overly keen on the colour of the Solis (a rather bright orange!) the design is sleek, with a soft feel. It is not too heavy and if you can squeeze in an extra £24.99 to purchase the official black case, you will find that is sturdy, easy to hold and perfect protection for your device.

I am not the most adept at setting up new devices but even I could follow the easy instructions. Once logged in to the website (you have about 20mins free data usage to set up), I bought the day passes I needed for the duration (Day Passes start at just £8.00 for 24h of unlimited data!), switched on my hotspot with my phone and hey presto! Connected!

Probably one of the most impressive things about this device is that you can connect up to five devices at any one time and it doesn’t have to be a phone – there were four of us using the Skyroam Solis on a mixture of phones and tablets. If we had a laptop, we might have connected that too! It was so handy to have for everyone in our party and the device is even more budget friendly if you are able split the cost of day passes between friends and family.

The range of the WiFI connection is also impressive. We had the Skyroam Solis in the ‘boot of our car at one point and were still able to conntect to WiFi  as we travelled up rocky roads.

In conclusion….

If you don’t want the hassle of having to purchase international Sim cards or add on sometimes pricey network bolt-on’s for WiFi coverage then this is the device for you. The Skyroam Solis finds it’s ‘niche’ for those travelling to long-haul destinations and want to be able to connect to more than one device without having to pay through the roof (especially for parties of two or more people)! Holday WiFi connectivity was never so easy!

Useful information….

Prices start at £135 for outright device purchase + chosen day pass or £9.00 per day to borrow the device + day pass charges

Solis WiFi App, the complimentary app for its best-selling hotspots is now available with the device. Available on iOS and Android, the app enables Skyroam Solis hotspot users to get online faster and use WiFi with ease!