Sit back in the sunshine and let Robomow mow your grass

Sit back in the sunshine and let Robomow mow your grass

Bored of mowing the lawn? Let me introduce you to the latest in household robots

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Tel: 01522 283007
Price: £1199.00
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

What it says it does

The perfect mower for maintaining lawns of 0-400 m2 in size. Complete with Base Station, this nifty little machine is lean, green and very, very mean. Fitted with all the technological advantages and features available for the smaller garden, your lawn will never look better

What it does

This little lightweight machine has revolutionised our summer. Only once a every couple of weeks do we have to strim/mow the edges rather than the laborious task of spending 2½ hours a week mowing the back lawn. Although you can fit it yourself which appears very easy to do, we had ours fitted by a Robomow expert (extra cost). The docking station was placed in a safe area and within reach of electricity supply.

I like to describe my garden as 'undulating'. It had lots of flower beds, dead trees and ponds in it which were filled in. Over time the holes sunk slightly, it's not hilly or particularly holey, just gentle undulations. It is slightly raised above the patio and it's a family garden - played in by children and a dog on a daily basis. We have trampoline, a pool, garden furniture as well as a couple of saplings and ornaments. So I didn't like the idea of something that would determine the way we use the garden.

The knowledgable chap from Robomow pegged the perimeter cable around the edge of the garden and around objects that would possibly pose a problem ie near the ledges, around the saplings and ornaments. Programming was easy, as was setting the cut level. Following simple instructions you can programme it to go between certain times and days. Sunday is a 'rest day' which means it recharges the battery slowly. I programmed mine to go between 8.00am - 3.00pm Monday to Friday. The only preparation I need to do, is clear the garden before 8am of  small objects (dog bones, balls etc) before the mowing starts.

When it starts off from the docking station, it will go around the perimeter cable. Once done, it will criss cross the garden cutting as it goes (you won't get stripes). When the battery is low, it will go back to the docking station, recharge and go back out again. It repeats this until the mow is complete.

Previously, we had set the blade on our mower to the lowest point, to maybe try to get an extra day out of the cut. This sometimes left brown patches especially on the rare occasions we had sunshine. But because the Robomow is only cutting off a tiny bit each day, the cuttings go straight back to the grass, nourishing as it decomposes, leaving you with a lush green carpet of lawn.
It's not infallible. It has gone too close to the ledge a couple of times and we've arrived home to find it upside down on the patio. The Robomow has a rain detector which means it won't go out if it's wet, but when the rain has stopped it will go out which has occasionally meant the wheels have stuck/spun in the grass. I have also found it in the middle of the garden having run out of battery. We contacted Robomow, who advised us on things to try like, keep the docking station clear, change the offset on the mower and move the perimeter cable. These things we've done and not had a problem since.
Unfortunately, we do not yet have a device that is compatible with the Robomow bluetooth mobile app, so couldn't take full advantage of it's functions which include setting the mowing schedule and zones and even controlling it at a distance ie mowing the front lawn too. But I very much look forward to trying this when we do.
It's not the answer to never manually cutting your lawn again, but overall, I'm very pleased with the job it does and the extra time it has given us to do the things we enjoy.