Shiny, smooth nails in seconds

Shiny, smooth nails in seconds

Give your nails a manicure finish from the comfort of your own home

Yours Verdict

Product: MICRO Nail,
Price: £39.99
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

What it says it does...

Gently buffs, smoothes and polishes nails in seconds
Leaves nails naturally beautiful, healthy and instantly shiny
Lasting effect for up to two weeks
Gentle on the skin around the cuticles
Leaves nails ready to wear as well as acting as the ideal primer to help nail polish glide on with ease
Buffs away ridges, reduces staining and nails look less dry
Improves the overall appearance, shine and condition of nails in an easy, fuss-free way compared to traditional nail buffers

Our tester says...

I was so impressed by how instant a change I noticed to my nails when using the product. My nails went from being quite dull and rough to being as smooth and shiny as a manicure finish in a matter of seconds.

The beauty of MICRO Nail is how quick and simple it is to use with interchangeable buffer and shiner heads meaning all the hassle is taken out of caring for your nails. The portable size of the product also means you can tuck it in your handbag ready to give yourself a little nail treatment on the go or just whenever you find a free couple of minutes.

Whilst the two buffers included in the pack do tend to get worn quite quickly (meaning you'd have to buy replacements) the effect of using MICRO Nail really does last. I've always had rather brittle nails that easily bend and snap but since using the product I've found that my nails are far stronger than ever before and don't break as often.

My nails have also really started to grow since using MICRO Nail, meaning they look really healthy and all ready for when I want to glam them up with some nail polish (which is handy as MICRO Nail makes your nails really smooth for an easy polish).

Being battery powered rather than a manual buffer does mean that MICRO Nail can't always reach the far corners of your nails (unlike you can with a traditional nail file), but the overall effect of using MICRO Nail is really impressive and guaranteed to give your nails an instant salon-like transformation.