Seanhanna’s ‘Your Cut, Your Way’

Seanhanna’s ‘Your Cut, Your Way’

Yours team member Rebecca, went to try out Seanhanna's new service

Yours Verdict

Product: ‘Your Cut, Your Way'
Price: £50.00
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

What they claim:

To draw up a new haircut during a consultation to make bad haircuts a thing of the past. 

What our tester said:

“When I arrived for my appointment I was greeted by a friendly my stylist, Heather, who talked me through the five steps. My hair was assessed on its thickness, and density. They also took into account the size of my forehead, the size of my eyes, my jawline and shoulders, to see what style would suit me best.
We then discussed what would style I should go for, and I was able to voice any opinions or queries. Together we came up with the idea of having a ‘vintage’ style haircut that would give me healthy looking, bouncy hair.
I was really pleased with the finished look and found the whole salon experience very relaxing. While my hair was being washed I sat in a back massaging chair which made the washing experience feel very luxurious. Overall it thought it was great value for money and worth paying a little more for a more personal service. I would be very happy to go back.