Save your knuckles with an easy grip multi-grater

Save your knuckles with an easy grip multi-grater

A clever and nifty idea to ease up dinner time

Yours Verdict

Product: Grip Grater, Gizoo,
Price: £19.95
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

What it says it does...

The ultimate kitchen grater, with replaceable plates, folding storage, and multiple positions for easier, more efficient grating. You can use it either vertically as a regular hand-held grater, or horizontally so you can grate directly into a plate or bowl. Grip Grater is perfect for whipping up hash browns, garnishing salad with a topping of carrots, or making a good old pile of shredded cheese.


  • Three positions: folded up for compact storage, arms together for hand-held grating, and arms out at 180 degrees for grating over a bowl or dish.
  • Four interchangeable stainless steel grater plates: one with large holes, one with small holes, one for coarse grating, and one for slicing.
  • Plates have a plastic border for easy snapping in and out of the main unit.
  • Robust hinge mechanism allows you to apply pressure while the grater is supported by its arms over a bowl
  • Stainless steel grate on a hard plastic frame, with TPE non-slip grips on the arms and under the hinges.

What our tester said...

If, like me,  you often find yourself grating more of your fingers than your cheese when you bring out the food grater (which isn't very appetising!), you might be keen to try out the Grip Grater from Gizoo.

With robust handles around the grating plates, the Grip Grater takes lots of the strain out of grating and slicing- great for if you don't have much strength in your wrists like me or if struggle to keep the grater still.

You can place the grater over a bowl of salad or pasta too, balancing the handles on the bowl edges, for a really nifty grating solution that stops flakes of cheese accidentally flying out all over the kitchen floor.

The four interchangeable panels the grater comes with also means it's on hand whatever you need to grate, from cheddar to carrots. Really tough to grate foods may not fare so well though as the panels can have a habit of popping out of their hold quite quickly when you apply a lot of pressure. However, for cheese and softer fruits and vegetables, the Grip Grater is right on point for what you need.

Once dinner is over, the Grip Grater is also much easier to clean and dry than many other graters that require some deft wrists and near scrapes. Instead, the grater panel just easily unclips, letting you wash the panel and the gripper separately and efficiently.

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