Samsung HDR 4k Ultra HD Smart TV – review

Samsung HDR 4k Ultra HD Smart TV – review

Price: rrp £499

Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

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Great tellies don’t have to take up your entire living room as this lovely, sensibly-sized Samsung TV proves.

At 40” wide, the Samsung UE40MU6400 is a modest but mighty machine that delivers on picture, sound and a touch of style that can command a room without overwhelming it with cinematic effects. Perfect for mounting on a wall or sitting comfortably on a counter, it’s lightweight, it’s slimline and with its silver colouring looks elegant and neat option whatever size your front room.

Let’s start with the set-up. Having the knack I do to make any technology instantly break before I’ve even set the thing up, I was dreading both assembling and then installing the telly. But thankfully this one was really simple. Just a couple of screws from the stand to the back of the TV, pop in the aerial and power and it was off.

Such a straight-forward set-up

Such a straight-forward set-up

With TV Plus and Freeview built in, there’s no faffing out plugging in an extra box (unless you want a DVD player too in which case there’s plenty of spare plugs in the back for that), you’ll just need to scan for channels and add your Wifi code to access the Smart TV offerings and you’re good to go. In all, it took just about 20 minutes from the box arriving at my door to me sitting with a cuppa watching Bargain Hunt.

Picture quality wise, it boasts a really clear picture thanks to the snazzy-sounding Crystal Colour tech that gives every image a luscious colour that’s deeper, richer and gives more realistic shadows and contrasts. Yes, you could get even sharper quality on a much larger screen, but for the size I couldn’t have any grumbles as the HD channels especially gave a clarity I’d not seen before on tellies under 60”.  

The TV also has a nifty thing called Upscaling which gets rid of the pixels you might normally see on screen, especially when watching sport or anything fast-moving. But I can confirm, having watched both the Tour de France and Wimbledon final on my telly that this takes out any blurring from even the fastest cyclist or lightning-speed tennis ball. 

The most exciting part of it all, however, is the range of goodies available on the Samsung Smart Hub which lets you access all of the catch-up services from BBC iPlayer to 4OD- you just need to be connected to the internet and sign in to the services as you’d normally do watching them on your computer.


Netflix and Amazon are available too as well as Spotify, YouTube and Facebook video, meaning with just a few clicks of your remote you could be watching a Hollywood blockbuster, showing your friends videos of your grandchildren or listening to your favourite musician while you do the ironing. And if you want to feel really high-tech there’s even a voice control option so you can command your telly from the other side of the room just by engaging S voice on your remote.

Speaking of the remote, you get two with your box -  one is a standard clicker-type gadget, the other a more slimline, stripped back wand which is a great tool to help you flit around from one app or channel to another and makes typing on screen (which you’ll need to do when logging on some of the Smart TV functions) really straight-forward.

Great delivery at a great size – I don’t think you’d be able to fund much better for the very affordable price.