Salter Marble Collection Poaching Pan

Product: Salter Marble Collection 4 Cup Egg Poaching Pan

Price: £29.99 

Rating: ★★★★ (4/5)

They say…

Cook like a professional and show off to your guests with this Salter Complete Egg Pan which features a revolutionary new coating so you can cook with little or no oil for gorgeous, healthier food.

What our reviewer thought…

My favourite way to start my weekend is with a strong brew, a good TV show and a nice slice of egg on toast on a Saturday morning. Despite this being my favourite breakfast, I’ve always struggled to cook the perfect poached egg. They’ve either come out a sloppy mess. Or even worse ­– overcooked. So I was really excited to try out the all-singing all-dancing Salter Marble Poaching Pan.

This pan is a small and compact, which I was very grateful for having quite a small kitchen with limited storage space. Before I began cooking, I first had to seal (condition) the non-stick coating. To do this, I heated up a little oil, allowed it to cool, poured it away and wiped with a dry towel.  And hey presto – I was ready to get my cook on.

There is a knack to cooking poached eggs in this pan. On my first attempt they came out slightly overcooked. And on my second, slightly undercooked. But as they say – third time lucky! I found greasing the egg cups with a little margarine or butter did the trick, preventing the egg from sticking to it. Covering the pan with its glass lid also helps to contain the heat, helping to cook the egg more evenly. Once cooked, I used a spoon to gently tease the eggs out of their cups and they came out in a dome shape.


Cooking scrambled and fried eggs was a breeze using this pan – they came out nice and fluffy. More recently, I also attempted to use it for cooking an omelette. Though this isn’t advertised as an omelette pan (I assume due to its small size) I found it worked really well and the non-stick coating helped me to flip it with ease.


When it came to cleaning the pan, its grey marble coating meant that I wasn’t left with the dreaded task of scraping dried egg off the bottom. And I discovered it’s dishwasher safe too, which is even more convenient.

Overall verdict: This versatile pan makes cooking eggs so much easier!