Russell Hobbs Buckingham Toaster is put to the test

Russell Hobbs Buckingham Toaster is put to the test

The fastest toaster in the West!

Yours Verdict

Product: From Argos, Sainsbury's, Amazon,

Price: £29.99
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

What it says it does…

Time saving, flexibility and control are key to the Buckingham Toaster (ARP £29.99 2 slice, £49.99 4 slice). The faster toasting technology (55% quicker) means you simply don’t have to wait as long when you fancy a snack. And whether it’s a crumpet or a teacake, the wide slots with extra lift mean it easily accommodates things other than the white-sliced loaf. The Buckingham offers greater toasting precision too, with its frozen, cancel and reheat functions, variable browning control and indicator lights. Both the two and four slice models are finished in brushed stainless steel and a feature light ring display that tells you when it’s busy toasting. 


What our tester thought…

I tested the 2-slice Buckingham toaster. Its promise of toasting 55% faster is quite true – in fact I was caught out the first time I used it! I had turned the dial up to ‘3’ which proved to be too high as I had burnt toast within a minute! 

Once I got the hang of it though it was excellent and just as good on crumpets, which were far easier to eject than there were in my old toaster. It’s not cheap at £29.99 but it’s an impressive product and looks great in the kitchen, no doubt about that!