Roborock S6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

Roborock S6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

Roborock S6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

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Product: Roborock S6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review, available from Gearbest

RRP: €549

Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

What they say:

A sweeping and mopping robot equipped with high-precision laser guided navigation system allowing it to quickly and accurately map the floorplan of your home. It’s 50 per cent quieter than its predecessor and is very pet-friendly.

What our reviewer says:

I love the idea of someone vacuuming daily for me (who doesn’t), so was very excited to meet the Roborock S6. Set up was really easy. Simply slot on the damp-proof mat (more on that later) and place the charging dock against the wall and plug it in – making sure the cable is safely tucked away at the back. Switch on the plug and then press and hold the power button and your Roborock S6 will instantly start up and begin charging. If you have a smart phone (and this is where it’s really impressive), then download the Xiaomi app and follow the simple prompts to add your device. I found it all very simple and I’m not particularly technology savvy!

To get your Roborock S6 started you just press the on button once and it will tell you politely that cleaning has begun. It uses the first clean to map your home and then after that you can use the app to schedule cleans, choose cleaning areas and prevent it from cleaning certain areas. You can even task it to vacuum through the app, so you can do it whenever you want whether you’re in or out. You don’t need to clear before it cleans as it does a pretty good job manoeuvring around table legs and chairs, but I tend to pull my dining room chairs out so it can do a proper job. It’s also important to make sure any cables are tucked away.

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Roborock automatically vacuums the edges of a room first and then it efficiently cleans the rest of the room in a z-shape to ensure no spots are missed. It’s very thorough and you can choose from four different cleaning modes including quiet and max modes. It also has a do not disturb mode, which means between the hours of 22:00-08:00 any cleaning cycles will stop, voice messages won’t play and any lights are dimmed. You can adjust these times to suit in the app. Once it’s finished cleaning it makes its way back to its charging dock.

I didn’t find it particularly noisy and I have no idea how long the battery last (a few hours on average I’d guess), but it never seems low and I use it a lot! It can cleverly detect carpet and hard floors and adjust to suit and although it can’t climb stairs, its clever sensors prevent it falling down them! Its only downfall is that it isn’t self-emptying and the dust collector is quite small, so if you have a large house or furry pets you’ll need to empty if regularly. I empty mine after every other use so I don’t forget. It isn’t particularly lightweight, but then it’s far lighter than most normal vacuum cleaners.

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What sets the Roborock S6 apart from its competitors for me is its mop function. The mop tray is easy to fit and once fitted it will automatically switch to the mopping mode. With it you get two normal mop cloths, plus some disposable versions. While I like the main mop cloths, I found the disposable cloths didn’t stay on so well. It basically gives yours floors a good wipe over, so of course it won’t be as good as a steam mop, but I find my floors do look much cleaner afterwards. There is a damp-proof mat that fits onto the charging dock, so after cleaning the mop cloth wont damage your floors if left on for a while. You do have to be careful to either close doors or set it to clean only hard floor zones though, as it will mop your carpets otherwise.

Overall, I love this clever gadget! It isn’t cheap compared to normal vacuum cleansers, but is actually very reasonable compared to other robot vacuum cleaners. I think it’s well worth the spend – particularly if you find vacuuming hard for health reasons, have hairy pets or just want to keep on top of things. Perfect for busy households! It hasn’t yet launched in the UK, but is currently it’s available from Roborock’s official website or Gearbest.

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