Review– Nicky Clarke Diamond Shine Pro Salon Styling Wand

Review– Nicky Clarke Diamond Shine Pro Salon Styling Wand

Can diamond technology deliver the best curls yet?

Yours Verdict

Product: Available at Argos
Price: £36.99
Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3/5)

What they said...

Using the very latest in technology this special collection, has been developed with real diamonds infused with ceramic for ultimate heat transfer, smoothness and no snagging. The collection aims to care for your hair whilst leaving you with that glossy, salon worthy finish in the comfort of your own home.

The real diamond infused barrel helps smoothness and tourmaline helps hair retain moisture to reduce heat damage. Meanwhile, 5 variable heat settings reaching up to 210c let you tailor the heat to your hair. Intelligent heaters automatically adjust the temperature along the barrel to prevent loss of heat and damaging hot spots during styling.

Ionic technology also creates smooth, frizz free curls and waves with plenty of gloss.

What our tested said...

They do say diamonds are a girl's best friend and so the opportunity to twirl my hair with them certainly felt like a lovely luxury. As I only tend to really try curling when going to a posh 'do', the diamond infused tongs really added that extra special feel to the process of getting ready for the night. The sleek golden look of the curlers also emphasised that idea of being a bit of an wonderfully indulgent treat.

The thin, stylish design should definiely lend itself to really pretty, tight curls if you do it right. But like all curlers, I did still find them rather tricky to deal with as I scrambled not to burn my fingers on red hot diamonds!

Naturally, everyone's hair works differently with curlers. Sadly, mine tends to kink rather than curl and any bounce it does get has a funny habit of falling out within minutes at the first whiff of a breeze. This is precisely why I was so keen to test out these curlers to see if I could finally find something that would do the job. Unfortunately, I found these curlers didn't really solve my dilemma as my hair still went flat with a few sticky-out bits within about fifteen minutes.

However, if you have hair that naturally adapts to curls really easily, you may still find this is a great product for you.

My favourite thing about the curlers was how smoothly it went through my hair. I find many curlers leave my hair feeling frazzled and almost burnt as it dries out all the condition.  Pleasantly, these Nicky Clarke curlers didn't do this at all. Instead, they were soft and gentle on my hair, never tugging, pulling or snagging as I twirled the hair round. It was just a shame they didn't quite deliver the curls I'd hoped for.