Review: Judge Photovoltaic Solar Kitchen Scales

Review: Judge Photovoltaic Solar Kitchen Scales

Our reviewer found these scales easy to use but very sensitive to light

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Product: Judge Photovoltaic Solar Kitchen Scales
Price: £19.00
Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (2/5)

What it says it does…

Delivering the precision of a digital scale, with the zero running costs of more traditional models, the Judge J415 is a must-have product for the modern eco-kitchen.
With a high weight capacity of 5kg/11lb, a large easy-read display screen, metric-imperial conversion and one-touch unit exchange which allows you to simply switch between the weighing of solids and the measurement of milk and water, the Judge Solar Scale couldn’t be easier to use. A sleek, slim-line build also enables trouble-free storage, while the hygienic, wipe-clean weighing platform allows you to weigh in any container of your choosing.

What our tester said...

"I liked the idea of solar panels for power with no need to buy batteries ever again, but I found these kitchen scales frustrating and very sensitive to use. It works if the lighting is strong and preferably overhead, or in strong daylight. If you overshadow it in any way it doesn't behave very well and turns off suddenly or doesn't settle on a measurement. It's definitely very easy to use, you just have to tap the '0' to change it from solids to liquids, or metric to Imperial. Small to medium sized containers can only used on it or display and solar panels get shaded and it stops working. After use it's flat surface makes it easy to wipe clean, and the slim design means it can be easily stored away, even into a narrow space on its side."


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