Prestige Express 22 Foam Roll Up Mattress review

Prestige Express 22 Foam Roll Up Mattress review

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My husband prefers a softer bed and me, a harder mattress. And on our last purchase, after trawling many shops, spending hours with my very own Goldilocks and his three hundred mattresses, we had gone with his choice as he didn’t sleep well anyway. As a result, for the last nine years, I have woken up at silly o’clock and most nights, in pain - bedtime was not something to look forward to. So when I was given the Mammoth kingsize mattress to try, Goldilocks was sceptical and I had no expectations.

Although still heavy, for convenience the British-made Mammoth Prestige Express 22 mattress arrived vacuum packed, rolled and boxed. To get the best from your mattress, Mammoth do recommend a new base supplied by them, however mine was a relatively new slatted base bed frame, so this is what we tested it on.


On unpacking, we noticed it was a little damp, but according to the enclosed information booklet this is a good sign as it means the mattress conforms to all UK Fire Regulations (and it dried very quickly). If possible you should give the mattress 24 hours to ‘recover’, but this wasn’t possible, so we unwrapped it first thing in the morning and went to bed about 15 hours later.

The morning after…
What a revelation! The first night of unbroken sleep since I could remember and nothing hurt. We have now been testing the mattress for just over two months now and what an absolute blessing this has proven to be. Both my husband and I have enjoyed a better quality sleep than we have in years.

To encourage even wear, as recommended, we rotate the mattress (head to foot) weekly and this should be done for the first six months and then once a month from then on.


With many memory foam mattresses, overheating can be a problem, but Mammoth’s Medical Grade™ Foam is totally different. It does not retain heat, and comes with a removable soft outer cover which is also breathable to keep you cool.

At 22cm deep, the mattress is made from Mammoth’s exclusive PostureCell™ Medical Grade Foam™ technology which helps relieve pressure and promotes better spinal alignment, reducing aches and pains and leads to more restful sleep. Not too hard, not too soft, just right. Perfect for me and Goldilocks!

This kingsize model also comes with a 10 year warranty and two free pillows that provide perfect support for your head and neck. Exclusively available from  RRP £1,199