Potato Ricer Review

Potato Ricer Review

Our reviewer found this produced fluffy, smooth potato

Yours Verdict

Product: Joseph Joseph Scoop Ricer www.josephjoseph.com
Price: £25.00
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

What they say it does...

For smooth mashed potato with minimum mess, the stylish design of  the Joseph Joseph Scoop Ricer takes some beating.

What our reviewer said...

"Being a great fan of fluffy, lump-free mashed potato I was keen to use a ricer for the first time. The two-part design in fresh green and white means you can easily scoop hot, boiled potatoes straight from the saucepan with the bottom handle. The water drains out through the ricer sieve and then you insert the top handle to compress the potato. Spaghetti-like strands of potato with not a lump in sight is the satisfying result.
It is easy to use but you do need two hands to push the potato through the sieve and it took more pressure than I had expected. However, this was the first potato ricer I had used and it is hard to compare with others on the market.
The end result was perfect mashed potato and cleaning the utensil was very easy. There was no potato stuck inside the holes of the sieve. It is also dishwasher safe.
My shepherd's pie was a huge success with the family and I would definitely use the ricer when making a dish that needs potato topping."

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