Get feet fit for summer sandals

Get feet fit for summer sandals

Summer is the time to break out the sandals. But if you feel embarrassed about exposing dry, callused heels, the Ped Egg Power is the answer!

Yours Verdict

Product: Ped Egg Power, available from, Robert Dyas, Asda, Argos, Boots, Wilkinsons
Price: £14.99
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

Attracted by the claims of a product to allow me to ‘gently buff away dead or dry skin and calluses in just a few seconds’ I decided to test the Ped Egg Power, from JML, a cordless electric callus remover that’s battery-operated and includes a Smoothing head to buff feet to a ‘baby-soft smooth condition’.

What they say:

The fastest and easiest way to remove those ugly, hard and irritating calluses. Just switch it on and the precision engineered Nano Abrasion Roller spins at up to 2000 RPMs to quickly remove calluses and dead skin. Use the Smoothing Head to buff your feet to the baby soft smooth skin that everybody loves!

Our tester says:

I was actually looking forward to trying this out as my heels were in such bad condition. Years of sandals, walking round the house and garden barefoot and just general neglect, had taken their toll and I was aware of how unattractive they looked. But this hard, dry skin not only looks unattractive, it can feel unpleasant and sometimes a bit painful. I had recently been applying a cream specially designed to deal with callused heels and it was doing a good job, but it wasn’t actually removing the hard skin, just softening it up.

Using the Ped Egg Power was really easy and the instructions are simple and clear. It has nano-abrasion roller technology (which spins at 2000 rpm), designed to exfoliate even the driest feet safely and quickly.

It was pleasant to use and not at all painful – in fact it almost tickled. You do have to resist the temptation to press hard (especially if you are used to using a pumice stone where you have to rub quite hard). Simply apply gentle pressure and the Ped Egg Power does the rest. I was absolutely delighted at the effect after just one session. The smoothing head, which is designed to buff and smooth after exfoliating, worked well and my heels felt much softer and smoother than they have done for years! I followed my session with an application of my usual heel cream which also has a soothing effect.


The Ped Egg Power is a good size for popping in your wash-bag or handbag and, as it’s cordless (it requires 2 AA batteries), you can take it away on holiday with you to keep feet in tiptop condition. Easily wiped clean with a damp cloth, the rollers can be removed and rinsed under warm water.

Priced at just £14.99, it's a lot cheaper than regular visits for a pedicure and it also means you can use it in the privacy of your home.


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