Palladian cabinets from Hammonds review

Palladian cabinets from Hammonds review

Want a sleek, co-ordinated bedroom? Our reviewer puts Hammonds furniture to the test.

Yours Verdict

Price: £643.00
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

What they say...

The units are all painted by hand in a subtle white finish. Dazzling Swarovski crystals adorn all the door and drawer handles, there is a choice of either solid or lace-patterned glass doors. There's a range of items available in the Palladium range, which is one of Hammonds' premium products.

What our reviewer says...

Hammonds creates bespoke, fitted bedroom, kitchen and office furniture, plus sliding wardrobes. This is handy if you live with oddly shaped rooms, ill-suited to storage, or if you're keen that your furniture and fittings should all be matching. As I live in rental accomodation, I was unable to test out the fitting services, but was instead given two bedside cabinets from their premium Palladium range.


The first thing to say is that they are very expensive - but it is at the upper end of the brand's price range, and there are cheaper options available. Aside from that, they were delivered without hassle, were pre-made (hooray - I hate self-assembly more than anything) and were utterly beautiful. There's a real attention to detail, with quietly-closing drawers, plenty of storage and pretty, well-fitted handles. It's amazing how matching cabinets have drawn our bedroom together, and their off-white colour matches our bedhead almost perfectly.

I would have scored them a five, were it not for price. But if you're in the process of refitting a kitchen or bedroom, and want stress-free, bespoke furniture, I'd certainly give them a call for a quote, as there is flexibility there.