Outwell Sleepin Single 3cm self-inflating mat review

Outwell Sleepin Single 3cm self-inflating mat review
Outwell Sleepin Single 3.0cm self-inflating mat.jpg

Price: £22

Rating: ★★★★ (4/5)

They say:

Sleepin mats feature a contemporary design that meets most camping needs.

Our reviewer thought:

As a big walker and camping fan I was impressed with this little mat.

It’s self-inflating, meaning you simply unroll the Outwell Sleepin Single mat, open the valve and let it inflate itself. On the first go I had to add some extra air by mouth, but a few puffs was all it took. The instructions say this is because the mat has been rolled since production and on its second use I didn’t need to add extra air. I did find I had to lie on the mat and open and close the air vent to adjust to my preferred and most comfortable inflation level. The mat inflates by itself in just in a few minutes.

It is a mat though, not a bed, so while as mats go it’s pretty comfy it won’t rival your mattress. It’s only around 3cm in height when inflated. That said for camping it’s comfy enough to disguise a lumpy grass field and a vast improvement on the regular foam mats you get.

It feels nice and durable and the polyester exterior is easy to wipe clean and dries quickly if it gets damp. Packing it away couldn’t be easier, simply open the valve and roll the mattress towards it to expel the air. It’s super light (0.9 kg) and packs away neatly with Velcro straps to hold it all together and a handy carry bag.

It’s plenty long enough for me (I’m nearly 5ft 9), but my only negative is that it’s very narrow. The exact measurements are 183cm length x 51cm width.

It’s worth noting that the instructions recommend against leaving the mat inflated with closed valves in the tent on hot days. It suggests opening the valves otherwise you risk damaging the foam. In the hot weather we’ve been having this is definitely worth mentioning.

If you’re looking for a great value mat, that’s light, easy to pack away and carry then this mat is a great buy.

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