Nicky Clarke DesIRED Rapid Heat System Rollers review

Nicky Clarke DesIRED Rapid Heat System Rollers review

Our tester found these rapid heat rollers easy to use, but there weren't enough rollers for a full head of hair.

Yours Verdict

Product: Available from Argos,Tesco Direct,, Amazon
Price: £79.99
Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (2/5)

What they say it does...

Nicky Clarke Desired Heated Rollers brings the latest in salon styling in to your home. The ultra compact unit is easy to store when not in use and rapidly heats each individual roller, so they're ready when you are. This set contains three different roller sizes with a soft velvet finish and easy to use pins which won't mark your hair.

What our tester said...

The idea of the rollers is that each one is heated individually on a heating spindle before putting into the hair. The second roller heats up  in the time it takes to roll the hair onto the first roller, and so on. This worked really well.  Each roller is secured by a u-shaped pin, which takes a bit of practice to secure. Once in place the rollers were very comfortable. I have mid-length, straight hair which often resists being curled, and the rollers left me with subtle, glamorous waves.

I was puzzled that the kit came with only six rollers (two of each, small, medium and large) and since the instructions recommend that you leave them in for up to 30 minutes to cool, it is presumed that six rollers is enough for a full head of hair. This wasn't enough for me, and I would have preferred to put less hair onto each roller - 10-12 rollers would have been ideal.

My mum who has fine, shorter hair, tried the rollers, and we found that the large and medium rollers are too heavy to stay gripped into shorter hair, leaving us with only two rollers to use.

An advantage of this product is that the set is compact, making them ideal for travel, so a travel pouch to keep everything stored tidily, would have been handy.

Although the rapid heat system and compact design are great advantages, there were not enough rollers to style a full head of hair.